C.M. Boger: General Analysis

We are pleased to announce that the special edition of Boger's General Analysis for Complete Dynamics is now available as an additional license. It is a work of the highest practical relevance.

New edition: General Analysis [GA]; CM. Boger

This additional license contains a valuable part of the accumulated knowledge of the German Boger recession of the last 25 years.

With the publication of the practice book by the authors Funk, Hinderer, Tils and Winter, this knowledge has now been brought together in one work, the «Praxisbuch».

The valuable cross-references and rubric explanations are listed in the rubric notes and marked as original "Boger cross-references" or as "Praxisbuch cross-references".

The short and compact rubric explanations help the beginner to be able to better understand Boger's idea for the respective rubric.

This Complete Dynamics version does not replace the practice book, but it makes the valuable information available directly in the program.