Professional analysis from € 8 per month!

How to order?

To order a license, start Complete Dynamics and go to the Help menu. You'll see the options Buy license and Buy extra language.
They will take you to our Webshop. 1)

To download Complete Dynamics, visit our downloads page. (click here)
We do not distribute the program on DVD, it is available only by download.

Licensing strategy

Unlike other programs, you do not need to pay a large amount of money to start using Complete Dynamics.
Also, you do not need to pay substantial money for upgrades or support.

Complete Dynamics is licensed on a subscription basis, where you pay a small fee on a regular basis. If you no longer want to use Complete Dynamics, you simply do not renew your subscription. You are not bound to any kind of contract, no automatic renewals, no penalties.
You can subscribe for a month, half a year, a year, or longer. It's up to you!

Your subscription includes:

The iOS App does not use the subscription license mechanism. It requires a one time payment, without additional costs. The App is not sold by us, but directly by Apple. Apple strictly forbids combining license mechanisms of PC and iOS.

About the Webshop

1) Complete Dynamics licenses are sold by a number of different resellers. Depending on your country, you are automatically redirected to the Webshop of your local reseller. If no preferred local reseller is available for your country, you will arrive in an international webshop. Detailed information about each reseller is available in that reseller's Webshop. Just go to the Webshop for the details.