Complete Dynamics - Student discount policy

For students in homeopathy, we have a special price offer: Buy 1 year, get 1 extra year for free (1 = 2).
We give this offer only to students who still have at least 6 months study before they graduate.

To apply for this special price offer, the rules are:

  1. Send an email to, saying that you want to buy with the student offer.
    Give us the name of the school you study at, and the year you are in.
    Attach a copy of a document proving that you are a student.
  2. We confirm that you can use the price offer, or decline it.
  3. If you comply to the rules, we will give you a special code to use in our webshop, plus instructions.

Students who have not followed these rules can also email us after buying a 1 year license.
This has to be done within 3 months after buying. After 3 months, no free extra year will be given.

For larger groups of students, we can make other interesting offers, depending on the situation.
For further question, please email us at